*** This shop will be shipping for domestic customers Only and this English version page for domestic customers , that cannot read the Thai version. ***

Conditions for ordering products in domestic only ( Translated by Google transal 30/12/2018)

1. Conditions for ordering products
        1.1. The shop does not accept product orders via Kg., By phone, via email, via line, via Facebook.

        1.2. The shop apologizes to customers of the type Companies or organizations The shop will not make a quotation. But the customer can load the invoice or invoice instead after making the order And the shop cannot issue VAT invoice to be cash bill only Sample receipt

        1.3. The shop will accept orders via the webpage only (shopping cart system) and the minimum amount of 300 baht (excluding shipping) to reduce the various steps will allow the shop to deliver products to customers faster. Since the shop does not have staff waiting to answer the phone or answer questions or accept the price or charge the product and delivery charges. Therefore, the customer needs to have an understanding of the product that will be ordered and must make an order via the webpage only. The website will inform the price and the number of products in stock. If the product is not in stock, the system will close the purchase order. Ordering via the web page (shopping cart system) will include the price of the product and the delivery fee. When the customer completes the order You can transfer money now and have to inform the money transfer via the "Payment Transfer" menu. If you pay via PAYPAL, you do not have to notify the money transfer and should not transfer money before making a successful order. Order number Because once the order has been completed, the system will cut the stock, the number of products that the webpage has issued, as you have ordered for 3 days when it is near 3 days, the shop will adjust the status to "Notification of order entry is close to 3 days" and the system will send an email notification to your customer email. If the customer accepts the email of the shop, and if the customer has transferred the money, then the customer must be bothered to help transfer the money to the shop. If there is no money transfer notification, the order will be canceled after 18.00 hours. The reason for the shop is 3 days because when the order is entered, the store will collect the number of products according to that item. If left for a long time, it will be a burden on the shop and may cause the customer to not be able to complete the product according to the amount ordered and if want to cancel the order, can notify in The message box or message box in that order And the order that has been canceled without canceling the order will temporarily suspend the order from that account. If the customer really wants to order, contact the store via email. Therefore, when the customer orders successfully, please ask the customer to use "Order number" is the evidence for checking the status and contacting various questions about that order via the delivery box or message box in that order. In order to be convenient, quick to check and not to be confused The customer can check the status of the product and download the invoice (Invioce) from the details page >> Order History Sample receipt Click here >> Sample receipt

2. Delivery terms
          After the shop receives the money transfer and informs the money transfer first 14.00. Monday to Friday and before 10.30 hrs. On Saturday - Sunday and various public holidays As usual, the shop will deliver the products as you have chosen the delivery method within that day. If after 14.00 hrs. On Monday-Friday and after 10.30 am on Saturday-Sunday or various public holidays will be delivered the next day. Or if the shop has some problems that cause delays in delivery The shop will deliver within the next day. Or if there are any other problems The shop will contact you via the delivery box in that order. Or in urgent cases, the shop will call back to the phone number as registered.

          2.1. Post parcel delivery Suitable for products that are heavy and do not require urgency. It will take about 3-5 business days for Bangkok. And Central Region And other regions It will take about 5-7 business days depending on the distance and the amount of work to go. Registered parcel delivery You can use the Tracking Number tracking number to check online, but the system will only show the date you have entered the system and the date of arrival will not show the status of every step as EMS and can be sent no later than 2 July if more than 2 The shop will deliver in the normal way and will not be able to check the Tracking Number tracking number online.

          2.2. EMS express delivery will be delivered every day. Normally, if the shop receives the money transfer and informs the transfer before 14.00 hrs. Monday - Friday and before 10.30 am on Saturday - Sunday. The shop will deliver within that day immediately and if 'then will be delivered the next day Because every parcel will be mailed at approximately 16.00 hrs., Each Monday-Friday, Saturday-Sunday and holidays at Khatruek, about 11.30 hrs., Delivery time in the central region of Bangkok and the area 1-2 working days in other regions 2-3 business days, depending on the destination of the post office If the destination is in the responsible area of Private relative The delivery from the source to the private sector will not be more than 2-3 days. For the period of payment from the private sector, the recipient will depend on the payout period of that private NGO.

          * Once your product has been shipped, the shop will notify the tracking number of the tracking number in the details of your order and the system will send mail to the email that you have registered. Customers can check the order status from the menu. "Order History"

 If within 3 days of not receiving the product, the message can be sent to the store via the Message Box on the details page of the order. Because it will make checking fast

            2.3. Meaning of order status

               2.3.1. "Waiting for payment" means: When making a purchase and confirming the order Your order list will be recorded. "Order list" and the status will be displayed as "Pending payment xxx". The order will be valid for 3 days. If there is no money transfer and notify the money transfer to the list. Orders will be canceled and deleted.

               2.3.2. "Transferring funds already" means: When you report the money transfer via the menu of money transfer via the website page When the transaction is correct, the status of the order is changed to "Transfer already."

               2.3.3. "Received payment" means when the shop has checked the amount that you have transferred correctly to adjust the location. "Received payment It is advisable to report via the menu of the money transfer page at all times.

               2.3.4 ". In progress" means: The shop is in progress. According to your order list

               2.3.5. "Packing the product into the parcel box and waiting to deliver the postage" means: products according to your order list The shop has already packed the product into the parcel box. Wait for the postage.

               2.3.6. "Delivered" means: when your parcel has been delivered to the destination Will adjust the status to "Delivered". There will be a notification of the parcel number at the details of the order and you will receive a mail notification if you open the store mail and you can log in to the system. You can check the history of your order here ....
 3. Product warranty terms

         Every product, if there is a problem, the shop will guarantee to change or return within 7 days, starting from the date you signed for the parcel post. Therefore, if receiving the product, please check whether the product is in perfect condition and use. If the product has a problem, notify the shop first within 7 days from the date you signed the product from the postman. The message can be sent to the shop at the form of the form. Send the message on the details page of the order. Because it will make the examination fast and the system will record as evidence as well When the shop has accepted the request to change the product and asks you to change Or return the product according to the next step

       * If there is a wrong order, the wrong model is caused by the customer Such as ordering without understanding the product itself The shop will not request to change or return products in all cases. Therefore, if unsure of the product And if there is no understanding of the product, it should not be ordered

   3.1 Product change conditions
        Customers need to return the product back to the store first. After the shop inspects the product, if caused by the product itself The shop will deliver the new products as soon as possible.

  3.2 Conditions for refund of product fees
        The customer needs to send the product back to the store to check first and attach the account number. After the shop has received the product and checked the product If the product is damaged by transportation or not being used by the product itself The shop will transfer the money back to the customer as soon as possible.

       Thank you all