Terms and Conditions for the international customers

We will accept payments from international customers by PayPal only.

If Order over 2,000THB Plaese paid with your Paypal account only.

If you not have paypal account please register with paypal befor order.


Please read before purchase.

  1. The product in this shop is suitable for experienced technicians. If you are not a technician, please do not order.

  2.The parts of LCD, LED and Plasma TV we sell in our shop had many condition.

 such as 1. new condition.

             2. disassembled from a new tv broken screen, nearby a new product.

             3. used condition or disassembled from a used tv.

the condition had show on product page already.

the devices use in Thailand and are all well re-checked before shipping. These parts need configuration so that they can be used in your country. If you are not a professional technician and cannot configure them, we advise you not to buy them.

If you accept the terms of services on the shipping page,

you cannot make any later arguments and there will be no refund.

* ALL Parts is tested before shipping.

Thank you


Delivery Method

1. Int’l Small Packet-Air via Thailand Post. Limit at 2.0 KG. The parcel will be sent to the destination via the main postal of the destination country. (international parcel exchange )The estimated Delivery from my shop to Outgoing Customs 1-2 bisiness days. When your parcel outgoing from thailand to your country, It takes about 4-7 days for Customs before  main postal of your country will accept into they system .when they are accept your parcel, you can tracking on they web  or this web

The delivery time depends on many factors such. The route of the airline, flight number to the destination country and a network of postal delivery routes. If the destination country not have a network with Thailand Post. The parcel to be send to the international parcel exchange center in a network of destination country for forward to the destination country.

The delivery time depends on many factors such. The route of the airline, flight number, to the country and a network of postal delivery routes.
If the country is not in the network of postal Thailand. The parcel to be send to the country of postal center in network for send to the postal address of the destination country

Estimated Delivery Zone :

           ASIA   : delivery estimate   7 - 14 bisiness days 

           EUROPE : delivery estimate   10 - 14 bisiness days    

           AFRICA : delivery estimate   14 - 21 bisiness days    

           AMERICA : delivery estimate   10 - 21 bisiness days    

           OCEANIA : delivery estimate   10- 14 bisiness days  

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* The example send to some countries.


exanble send to India track on this web.

examble to india

send to malaysia  track on malysia post.

  send to malaysia